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OP122: Opuntia humifusa hybrid 'Ohio' COLD HARDY CACTUS

OP122: Opuntia humifusa hybrid 'Ohio' COLD HARDY CACTUS

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This Prickly Pear has gorgeous flowers!  The center of the flower is red, gradually fading to orange and peach.  The fleshy and tasty red fruits that follow flowering persist throughout the winter, unlike most prickly pear varieties.  The large, light green pads are spineless and are edible and tasty for humans and animals alike.  It's claimed that the cactus vegetable is low-glycemic.  I've eaten it sauteed, fried, and pickled.  The fruit can be cooked, processed into juice, and then made into jelly, sorbet, margaritas, or candy.  This variety is more moisture tolerant than most.   8"H x 48"W.  Zone 4.  Sold in 2.5-inch pots.



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