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OP005: Opuntia 'Orang-i-tang' COLD HARDY CACTUS

OP005: Opuntia 'Orang-i-tang' COLD HARDY CACTUS

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Yikes, look at the color of those flowers!  The big, orange juice-colored flowers in June are showy and abundant.  The pure gold spines shimmer in the sunshine year around.  This is one of the BEST edible fruit producers in our collection.  The plum-sized bright red fruit ripen in early October.  Orang-i-tang is a vigorous plant with very large pads.  15"H X 60"W.  Full Sun, Zone 5.  This is a hybrid of O. phaeacantha 'Paradox Form'.  Sold as rooted pad in 2.5" Pots.  Kelly Grummons hybrid.



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