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EC018: Echinocereus x roetteri COLD HARDY CACTUS

EC018: Echinocereus x roetteri COLD HARDY CACTUS

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Roetteri's Hedgehog is a naturally occurring hybrid between Echinocereus coccineus and Echinocereus dasyacanthus.  Bringing the best traits from each species produces individuals that come in numerous flower colors, from shades of pink, orange, red, yellow, white, or various bicolors.  This zone 5 hardy hedgehog is native to southern New Mexico and nearby Texas and Mexico.  The cylindrical stems are up to 9 inches high and can multiply into plants with a dozen or more stems over time.  The extra-large, showy blossoms occur in May for a few weeks and are the queens of the cactus garden.  Purchase numerous plants to get many different colors for your collection.  This hybrid species is hard to find.  Get them while you can!  Sold in a 2.5-inch pot.

Common name:  Roetter's Hedgehog Cactus



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