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CO004: Coryphantha sheerii COLD HARDY CACTUS

CO004: Coryphantha sheerii COLD HARDY CACTUS

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Common Names: Devil's Pincushion, Sheer Cory Cactus, 

Scheer's Strong-Spined Cory-Cactus, Pima Pineapple Cactus.

A barrel-type hemispherical cactus that may be found as single or multi-stemmed plants. Adults measure 4-18 inches tall and 3-8 inches in diameter. The spines are stout and arranged in clusters with one central hooked spine and 6-15 radial straight spines. Spines are originally straw-colored but become black with age. Yellow flowers. Hardy to zone 5.  Sold in 2.5" pots.

The species historical range included Arizona.



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